Space Saver. Money Saver. Hassle Saver.

Bob’s Mezzanines solutions will double your warehouse storage capability by taking your space to the next level. These semi-permanent steel structures serve as a second or third level and can be used for storage, retail space or office space. Together with our team of designers, we will plan and customize your structure to ensure that you get more space from your mezzanine then you ever dreamed possible. Experience the thrill of knowing that every cubic inch in your warehouse is being utilized optimally.

Besides avoiding the hassle of having to look for more space, the mezzanine will save you thousands of dollars each month in rent or mortgage payments. In addition, our legal experts know the ins and outs of planning such a structure and will help you navigate all legal issues smoothly and quickly.

We also have all accessories necessary to access every nook and cranny of your mezzanine in the most comfortable way. Check out our selection of innovative ladders on wheels, permanent staircases and mobile staircases.

Lets get started!